Silk Scarves Takuyo

Silk Shawl, White, Red Koi


This one of a kind handmade large silk scarf can be worn as a silk shawl wrap during the Summer.

This large white silk shawl wrap is with a stunning silk painting of a single large red Koi fish swimming up the swirling waterfall.

The pink Sakura or Cherry blossoms, indicating the Spring time, add gorgeous pink colors.

Torrential current of rushing water is represented with stylized wave of Japanese woodcut design. The bright pink cherry blossoms cascading blooms profusely almost covering the surface of water.

The silk is light and slightly shimmery flat crepe. The delicate weightless white silk accentuates the fearless design.

• 22x90 inches. 55x228 cm.
• 100% Silk.
• Handmade in Hawaii, USA.

• Gift packaged.

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