Our Story

Our Story


I was born and raised in Japan, attended art school at Parsons School of Design, and worked in fashion in New York City. My husband and I moved to Hawaii to raise our family. Hawaii is truly inspirational. My art studio on Kauai is surrounded by luscious and vibrant nature all year. When it rains in Kauai, we all expect to see rainbows!


Silk Takuyo was born from my passion for painting. Silk is gorgeous and totally receptive. Once my brush touches the surface of the silk, that’s it. It’s thrilling because every time I paint, something new blossoms. When I paint on silk, it makes me fearless and completely free from any restriction or hesitation.


Eventually, my work was discovered by art galleries here in Hawaii. It was a wonderful surprise to discover that my art, which came out of my desire to paint and express myself, was starting to touch people. So in 2010, I started my own online shop at Etsy.


As soon as I launched my Etsy shop, something even more wonderful happened: my scarves were making people happy! And that’s when I realized how fulfilling it was for me to make this amazing connection with my customers.


When I receive an email from a satisfied customer saying how much she loves her new silk scarf, it lights up my day. Many of my clients give the scarves as gifts, and I feel so honored that my hand-painted silk scarves are part of the beautiful thoughts and intentions expressed by my clients and being sent around the world.


Connecting with my customers has become the most important part of what I do. Creating an ideal customer experience for you is as important to me as creating your gorgeous silk scarf.


One-of-a-kind hand-painted silk scarves make exceptional gifts, whether you are giving it to a family member, your spouse, your lover, your friends, co-workers or clients, or even yourself.