As an artist, I am passionate about wearable art, and SilkTakuyo is the result of my deep love for silk painting.

Growing up in Japan, I learned the art of traditional Japanese painting, and later left for Parsons School of Design in New York to begin my life in the arts, working in fashion and graphic design. It was during a trip to Hawaii that my husband and I fell in love with its lush natural beauty, and we ultimately decided to move to Kauai, our tropical paradise, to start a family.

The beauty of Hawaii serves as my muse, and my art studio here is surrounded by lush green plants and leafy trees all year round. The nearby ocean and a short walk on the beach provide the perfect escape to restore my inner peace and tranquility. It's always an amazing experience to see rainbows in the sky when it rains in Kauai - nature's art at its finest!

The luxurious feeling of silk inspires me, and once my brush touches the fabric, there is no turning back. It's thrilling to see something new blossom with each painting. I must be fearless and completely free from tension or hesitation when painting on silk. Silk's absorbent quality challenges me to think on my feet, but it also communicates with me, letting me know when to move quickly or slowly with deliberation. It's like a conversation between the brush, the ink, and the fabric, and I love how my hand-painted silk art connects me to my heritage, Hawaii, and my precious customers all over the globe.

I make it my priority to create an ideal customer experience, and nothing lights up my day more than receiving an email from a satisfied customer expressing their love for their new silk scarf. Many of my clients give Silk Takuyo pieces as gifts, and it is an honor to be a part of the beautiful thoughts and intentions expressed by my clients around the world.