Silk Takuyo

Red Phoenix Gray Long Kimono Robe

This is Silk Takuyo original design long kimono robe with the festive phoenix bird design. A phoenix symbolizes the strength of one's power to overcome obstacles and flourish into whoever she desires to be. The gorgeous Pink Phoenix bird design is uplifting and elegant. Silk Takuyo kimonos are born from vibrant Hawaiian Nature infused with elegant Japanese design.

• Pick your belt and band colors: Black, Off White, Gray.
• Pick your fabric: Sheer Poly Chiffon, Cozy Peachskin Jersey.
• Belt is Chiffon fabric

This is a made to order item, once your order comes in, your new kimono will be hand sewn and shipped within 2-2.5 weeks, depending on the volume of your order.

• Gift wrap is NOT available.

Available in Chiffon Fabric:
• Made from lightweight chiffon fabric, 100% polyester
• Every kimono robe is printed and sewn by hand in North America
• Comes with knit bamboo fabric trim and matching chiffon belt
• Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing
• Machine rolled edge hems
• Machine wash in cold water with a mild phosphate detergent, hang to dry, do not bleach

 100% silk twill:
• Made of super luxurious 100% silk twill
• Holds its shape with an elegant drape
• Comfy, loose fit cuts suit a range of body types
• A bamboo fabric band and matching tie finishes your printed kimono in your choice of black, cream, or dark grey.
• Your vibrant digital print on silk twill will never fade or wash away.

Available in Peachskin Jersey fabric:
• Long version of our classic kimono hangs almost to your knees
 soft jersey fabric in 92% polyester, 8% spandex
• Comes with knit bamboo rayon fabric trim and matching chiffon belt
• Clear look elastics to hold the belt and blend in with your print
• Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing
• Micro hem finishing
• Machine wash in cold water with a phosphate-free detergent, hang to dry

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