Silk Scarves Takuyo

Lavender Purple Silk Shawl Warp, Tropical Orchid


I hand painted Tropical Orchid Silk Shawl using the Japanese Sumi Painting technique with various shades of purple accented with turquoise and pink. The result is a dynamic and abstract floral painting that is a sophisticated and elegant floral shawl to wear. Here in Hawaii, my clients wear my silks as beach covers by day and as shoulder wraps at night.

I love painting on Charmeuse silk.

I love painting on Charmeuse silk. Silk Charmeuse is the most luxurious silk I have ever painted on. The front is soft, shiny, lustrous weave and the backside are a muted silk crepe weave. I hand painted the scarf using French Silk Dye and steamed the scarf for a long time so the dye bonds with silk in molecular level.

• Handmade in Hawaii, USA
• Gift boxed
• 100% Silk
• 22x90 inches. 55x228 cm. 

I hand painted the Pink Spring Bouquet White Silk Shawl Scarf with much care and devotion. My lovingly handmade painted scarves are not mass produced products, If the scarf has a slight imperfection, please remember to enjoy an artist's hand.


• Length: Approx. 228 cm / 90 inches

• Height: Approx.  55 cm / 22 inches

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