Silk Takuyo

Kimono Robe, Dark Blue Black Vintage Koi


This is a short kimono robe with the original Japanese Koi Fish design by Silk Takuyo. This unique digitally printed kimono robe is perfect for gifting.

Pick your belt and band colors: Black, Off White, Gray. Pick your fabric from the three choices of Sheer Poly Chiffon, Silky Stretch knit, or Cozy Peachskin Jersey.

• the loops for the belt are discreet clear thin strips. They stops chiffon belt from easily slipping away.
• Gift wrapping is Not available for the kimono robes

• Model is wearing Silk Knit

This kimono robe is a made to order item, once your order comes in, your new kimono will be printed, sewn and shipped within 2-2.5 weeks, depending on the volume of your order.

Available in Chiffon Fabric:
• Made from lightweight chiffon fabric, 100% polyester
• Every kimono robe is printed and sewn by hand in North America
• Comes with knit bamboo fabric trim and matching belt
• Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing
• Machine rolled edge hems
• Machine wash in cold water with a mild phosphate detergent, hang to dry, do not bleach

Or 100% silk twill:

• Made of super luxurious 100% silk twill
• Holds its shape with an elegant drape
• Comfy, loose fit cuts suit a range of body types
• A bamboo fabric band and matching tie finishes your printed kimono in your choice of black, cream, or dark grey.
• Your vibrant digital print on silk twill will never fade or wash away.

Peachskin jersey fabric
-Lightweight soft jersey fabric in 92% polyester, 8% spandex
-Knit bamboo fabric trim and matching belt
-Vibrant print will never fade with wear or washing
-Print will be seen only 10% on the inside, ideal for artwork with light colors
-Micro overlock hem finishing
-Easy care. Machine wash in cold water
-Comfy yet elegant around-the-house

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