Hummingbird Silk Shawl, Red Camellia Kimono

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Colorful jewel toned humming birds fly among the pink and gold large Japanese camellia flowers. I hand dyed the silk in ombre design with light green and pink dye. Then I meticulously hand painted gorgeous Hummingbirds and pink and gold Camellia on the large silk chiffon scarf.

The camellia is one of the traditional flower motifs of the Japanese culture.

Made of light chiffon, this large sized silk is hand painted by me using French Silk Pigments.
The silk chiffon is nearly translucent, creating a stained glass effect when the layers come together.  

  • Hand painted in America
  • 100 % silk chiffon
  • Available gift options


• Length: Approx. 228 cm / 90 inches

• Width: Approx.  55 cm / 22 inches