Silk Scarves Takuyo

Hand Painted Silk Scarf, Blue silver Wings Scarf, Red Roses Scarf, Black Large Silk Scarf, Silk Scarves Takuyo, 14x72 inches.


This large hand painted silk scarf is hand dyed in black and is embellished with the bluish silver angel wings. The shimmery golden red roses add playful elegance to this wing scarf.  This hand painted black Angel Wing scarf is hand hemmed.

Please also note: I used silver and red shimmery silk paints. There will be feel to the design. Please also note: there is the front side and the back side of this handmade scarf. (The back the design is more muted.)

The 100% Silk Crepe de Chine.

Made to order silk shawl. I will create a new silk with the same design just for you. Usually it takes about 2 weeks to complete and ship. 


• Length: Approx. 182 cm / 72 inches

• Height: Approx.  35 cm / 14 inches


Suggested care instruction for this one of a kind hand painted silk scarf:

Wash gently in cold water with a drop of natural soap. Rinse thoroughly. To dry: use a clean puffy bath towel, put the scarf in between the towel and gently pat dry. Hand dry in shade, not under the bright sunlight. If you want to iron, have a towel on top of the scarf, iron on low setting. Please keep the scarf away from Clorox and alcohol.


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