Welcome to Silk Takuyo blog!

Here I am finally writing Silk Takuyo blog!

Over the years I have hand painted close to 5000 silk scarves. My painting time is my favorite time. 

I want to share what I do in my studio.

Silk Takuyo Studio with Pink Peony Silk Shawl

I paint on silk everyday. Here are photos of my studio. There are banana patches, hibiscus bush and coconut trees right outside of my studio, Hawaii's nature really inspired me to pick up my paint brushes to create art every day.

I also love painting Hibiscus art on canvas.

Flowers painting


Sometimes, I use my coconut tree to dry my silk scarves. The coconut trees have beautiful shades and so many coconut! Sometimes, we take down the coconuts, open them and drink coconut water.  

coconut palm tree

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