Summer Cranes Scarf, Skinny Silk Charmeuse

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On this, one of a kind hand painted silk scarf, a flock of Cranes is gorgeously hand painted against the backdrop of blue sky and lake summer scene. Some Cranes are already in flight and some are about to gracefully take off to the blue sky. The season captured in this silk painting is summer. 
Bold Japanese Woodcut prints like black outlines add defining accents to the subtle use of bright colors.
A Crane is graceful and elegant. In Japan, Crane is designated to be the National Treasure. The beautiful birds are a symbol of good fortune and long life.
Silk Charmeuse is the most luxurious Silk which has softly muted crepe on one side and the classic shiny shimmery Satin on the other.

Made to order: This hand painted silk scarf is a made to order item. Your new scarf will be recreated and will be shipped within 10 business days from the date of your purchase.

The photograph represents the overall piece. Please note: I always draw the designs on silk without any sketches, underdrawing, tracing and stencils.  So each scarf is subtly different and always unique, only one in the world.


    • Gift packaged
    • Hand painted in the USA
    • 100% silk chiffon
    • Once shipped, arrives to most US locations in  4-10 working days