Square Silk scarf, Navy and Blue Hanabi, Reversible Scarf

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Gorgeous royal blue and navy are one of the timeless and versatile color combination. This silk scarf is a small neck scarf that is perfect to tie casually around your neck. When worn, sparkly gold hand painted Japanese Hanabi flowers will add a touch of glamour around your pretty face.

A reversible silk scarf is beautifully hand painted with shimmery golden brushworks of abstract “Hanabi” Japanese flowers. Hanabi means Fireworks in Japanese which literal translation is Fire in the Sky.

This one of a kind wearable art is made with two panels of silks for reversible use. The vivid blue silk is matched with deep jewel tones navy blue silk. 

 Wear it as a kerchief, tie it onto a tote, wrap it around your wrist... Enjoy wearing this one of a kind wearable silk art in your own unique ways.

• Hand crafted in Hawaii
• approx 21x21 inch, about 52x52 cm
• Gift boxed
• 100% pure silk

 Handwash spot wash, gentle cold only.

• Each scarf is sewn, pressed and packaged by hand.