Square Scarf, Mint and Pink Summer Rose

The Pink Roses Silk Scarf is a forever romantic pastel pink roses, hand painted on lustrous lightweight opaque pure silk.  At 35 inches square silk scarf is a classic sized scarf. This romantic roses silk scarf will embrace you pure silliness for years to come.

Adorable Pink and fresh mint green bring lightness and modernity to the design.

This square silk scarf is a celebration of Spring, art and beauty.

3 editions of this pretty pink silk square scarf are available

• 100% Silk.
• Handmade in Hawaii, USA
• Gift Boxed with care instruction.

• 35x35 inches, 88x88 cm. (Please allow that it is an approximate square size.)'

Handwash cold only.

• Each scarf is sewn, pressed and packaged by hand.