Silk Skinny Scarf Lavender, Silver Kimono Floral

A silk skinny scarf is an extra long and skinny Silk Charmeuse scarf or a silk sash, a perfect size and weight to dress up your fashions. Tie it around your neck, or tie around your waist.

The Silk Skinny Scarf Lavender, Silver Kimono Floral is a chic and unique gift for a lady who likes to be elegant and unique.

Silk Charmeuse is a heavier slinky satiny silk (19.5mm) with very shimmery lustrous Satin front and slightly less shiny Crepe back. Silk Charmeuse silk reflects light beautifully and appears so luxurious, the fabric is often used for wedding gowns, ball gowns, and lingeries.
Please see the close up picture, the fourth one from the top to see how the back of the scarf looks.
The both ends are hand rolled and sewn into triangle ends.

• 5x72 inches
• 100% Silk Charmeuse
• Handmade in Hawaii, USA
• Gift Boxed.