Silk Shawl Wrap, Cascading Evening Primrose

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Boldly colored red Evening Primrose bloom across this hand painted silk shawl wrap painted in traditional Japanese Sumi style. A sheer silk chiffon shawl is hand dyed in rich dark pink to soft dusty pink. The golden swirly ornamental foliages create an accent against the background silk.

Silk chiffon is sheer and finely textured; warm without weight, and is a delight to wear any season.
This silk shawl is large enough for a shoulder wrap, but works beautifully as a scarf.

  • 100% silk chiffon
  • Hand dyed and painted in the USA
  • Orders arrive 4-10 business days in US locations
  • Available  gift option


• Length: Approx. 228 cm / 90 inches

• Height: Approx.  55 cm / 22 inches