Silk Necktie Scarf, Pink Sakura, Miyabi

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This skinny silk necktie scarf entirely made by hand will make your Spring fashion pop.

The Miyabi, mean exquisite elegance in Japanese, is uniquely constructed with an integrated, colorful mother of pearl scarf ring; so wearing is fun and easy! 

A mother of pearl scarf ring is hand stitched into a skinny scarf to ensure ease of wear.

Each silk necktie scarf is hand painted with different designs by me to ensure one of kind quality. The front silk is a hand painted art piece. The back silk is a solid hand dyed silk.

• Hand-sewn and hand painted in Hawaii, USA
• 100% Silk
• American Made
• Approx 4x35 inches
• Gift Boxed with care instruction.

• Each scarf is sewn, pressed and packaged by hand.