Origami Scarf Tote Bag, Koi Vintage Sepia
Origami Scarf Tote Bag, Koi Vintage Sepia
Origami Scarf Tote Bag, Koi Vintage Sepia

Origami Scarf Tote Bag, Koi Vintage Sepia

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This beautifully designed Silk Takuyo Origami Scarf Tote Bag comes with a vegan leather strap to tie the beautiful square scarf into a carry all unique bag. Simple instructions are included in the packaging.

This large scarf cloth can be used as a Japanese Furoshiki Gift wrapping cloth. A versatile bag for everyday use to the market, beach, or extra bag for change of clothes and toys for kids. Its also a great extra bag for travel/vacation to carry souvenirs and gifts from shopping.

Pick your leather strap length. See the size guise by clicking the size guide button. 

About Japanese Furoshiki Cloth: About Japanese Furoshiki Cloth: Furoshiki fabric is often made in silk. It is a customary tradition to wrap a gift with a large square Froshiki to give a special gift to an individual. My grandmother adorned in a kimono to visit the important friends and acquaintances. Often on her hand was a gift carefully wrapped in Furoshiki wrap. I would also sneak a peep into the Tatami room when my parents will receive a guest with their present wrapped in Furoshiki.

A traditional part of the Japanese way of life, furoshiki are squares of fabric used for carrying and storing things. They range in size, from a small handkerchief to a large Santa Claus sack.

• Made from wrinkle resistant and durable 100% polyester crepe
• Vegan leather strap is cruelty-free. 
• Tote straps feature heavy metal loops in gun-metal black, finished with a pair of steel rivets
• Each tote is printed and sewn by hand on the Mainland US
• Vivid print that will never fade after washing
• Machine wash in cold water with phosphate free detergent, hang to dry