Mens Hand Painted Silk Green, Zen Hawaiian Pine Forest

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I was inspired to hand painted lush green and serenity of the dark and oxygen saturated pine forest in Zen Sumi painting style. One of Kauai's most popular hiking trail has a beautiful pine forest that were originally planted to create tall ship masts.  
Right now, wait time for your order is about 7-10 business days from the date of your purchase. I am doing everything I can to paint and sew your order with care.
This is US made and is 4 layer with a filter pocket. 
The para cord is military grade and is removable for easy mask washing. A section of Spear fishing tubing adjusts for an individual fit.

• Hand Painted and Hand crafted in Hawaii, USA
• Organic silk on the top layer
• Soft Organic cotton fabric used inside
• Filter pocket for extra protection
• Adjustable military grade para cord.
• Adjustable nose fitting already included for nose wire pocket. (Nose wire is soft and bendable pipe cleaner, it won't hurt you)

• Machine washable old & reusable (The cord is removable before washing)

- This is not a medical device
- No returns accepted due to the nature of the item