Long Chiffon Scarf, Coral Pink Hana Vine

The Green and Coral Pink Japanese Hana Vines Scarf is a long hand painted silk chiffon scarf. This sheer silk scarf can be wrapped around your neck twice without adding the bulk.

I hand painted the Japanese Hana Flowers Kimono Scarf inspired by 900 years old Japanese Buddhist Temple and Kimono design.

The unusual size of this scarf has a very modern attitude, I thought it would be a great juxtaposition to the century old Kimono Design.

This light green and pink long silk scarf is feminine with delicate soft colors. It's a perfect piece of accessory to dress up.

• 11x90 inches, 27x228 cm
• 100% Silk Chiffon
• Handmade in Hawaii, USA
• Gift Wrapped. (With the caring instruction in a reusable bag.)

I hand painted this silk scarf with much care and devotion. My lovingly handmade painted scarves are not mass produced products, If the scarf has a slight imperfection, please remember to enjoy an artist's hand.