Silk Scarves Takuyo

Hand Painted Silk Shawl, Chrysanthemum Dreams


This is a true work in progress. I have high hopes for this piece and am eager to see and share with you it goes. The drawing is elaborate and the colors are subdued and the subject matter is lively and happy. 

This understated gray silk shawl sets a tranquil ambiance with a subdued color palette. Delicately hand-painted, vibrant red Chrysanthemum flowers are meticulously crafted to become captivating focal points. Experience the allure of this wearable art, where elegance meets vibrant beauty.


  • Hand dyed and painted in Hawaii, USA
  • 100% pure silk chiffon
  • Once shipped, within your order arrives in 4-10 business days
  • Gift packaged


• Length: Approx. 228 cm / 90 inches

• Height: Approx.  55 cm / 22 inches

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