hand painted mask and silk scarf gift set, Zen Red and Black Swirl

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This is a matching gift set with a dinamic red and black Zen painting of rough ocean swirls.
• Hand painted 2 layer organic cotton face mask (becomes 3 layers with your filter)
• Hand Painted 100% Silk Scarf with the matching design
Face Mask
• Soft pre-washed organic cotton fabric
• Filter pocket for extra protection
• Toggle will be a different color than the one shown in the picture.
• Removable satin cord for easy high temperature washing and drying
• Adjustable nose fitting already included in nose wire pocket
• Machine washable & reusable (The cord is removable before washing)
• Black elastic cord included
• Made in Hawaii, USA

Silk Scarf
• Small size neck scarf, easy to wear and style
• Adorable lemon yellow wildflower painting
• Hand Rolled hems
• Personalization available

Gift packaged

- No returns accepted due to the nature of the item