Black and Red Zen Temple Pavestone Scarf

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This handmade silk scarf is lavishly sized and reversible, you will be able to create a myriad of styles. Constructed from two pieces of silk sewn together. One side is a bold red with gray and black geometric design, inspired by Pavestone in a Zen Temple in Tokyo.

When worn, the abstract Japanese geometric design will create unexpected unique bold look. If you wear the black on the outside, you will have a small amount of red defining the jet black scarf.

The warm air will be trapped between the two silk panels, this large double layered silk scarf keeps warmth without bulking up. The silk is warm yet feather light, and drapes around you with grace. This one of a kind wearable silk art would truly be a memorable gift.


Made to order: This hand painted silk scarf is a made to order item. Your new scarf will be recreated and will be shipped within 10 business days from the date of your purchase.

The photograph represents the overall piece. Please note: I always draw the designs on silk without any sketches, underdrawing, tracing and stencils.  So each scarf is subtly different and always unique, only one in the world.


  • Hand dyed and painted in Hawaii, USA
  • 100% silk chiffon
  • Made to order item takes 3 weeks to recreate. Once shipped, within USA, your order arrives in 4-10 business days
  • Gift packaged
  • Width: Approx. 35 cm / 72 inches
  • Length: Approx.  182 cm / 15 inches