Circle Scarf Purple, Gold, Celestial Princess

This summer, just loop this adorable silk scarf twice around your neck, and your fashion is complete. This sheer purple hand painted silk scarf is delicate and dreamy.

The hand dyed pastel purple chiffon infinity scarf is the stage for the sparkly golden stars, the Moon and the Sun. The golden stars are hand painted one at a time to form the sparkling night sky.

This exquisite loop silk scarf is for an eternal Celestial Princess!

Once the silk was hand dyed in purple and finished with the golden painting, I sew this pretty silk scarf into a loop.

This hand crafted once at a time, this adorable loop silk scarf will bring you serenity and delight for years to come.

This lovely silk infinity scarf will be shipped with the caring instruction in a pretty cube box

• Gift Boxed.

• Hand painted and sewn into a loop in Hawaii, USA
• 100% Silk Chiffon.


• Width: Approx. 35 cm /14 inches

• Length: Approx.  182 cm / 72 inches