Circle Scarf Black, Gold Vine

A circle silk scarf is an easy accessory to wear for any occasions. Just wrap the scarf twice around your neck, and your style is complete! The sheerness and lightness of silk chiffon make this handmade piece a truly elegant accessory for casual as well as formal occasions.

This is an exquisite handmade black silk scarf, decorated with the intricate Golden Vine designs. The glittering gold vine leaves are alluring and sparkles as you move.

This lovely silk infinity scarf will be shipped with the caring instruction in a pretty reusable woven bag.

  • 100% silk chiffon
  • Hand dyed, painted, and sewn in Hawaii, USA
  • Optional gift packaging available
  • Most US destinations will receive the scarf in 4-10 business days.


• Width: Approx. 35 cm / 14 inches

• Length: Approx.  182 cm / 72 inches