Chiffon Scarf, Mint Green and Orange Lily

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The adorable hand painted silk scarf will instantly lift your summer fashion. The painting is done in the Traditional Japanese Sumi Style, capturing the essence of the subjects in few strokes as possible. 

This dreamy mid sized sheer silk scarf is made with feather soft chiffon. Simply wrap the scarf once around your neck, and enjoy the beauty of hand crafted silk scarf with brilliant colors.

I personally hand paint every silk scarf one at a time with Aloha. My art studio is located on the beautiful Island of Kauai. Handmade in the USA is beautiful. :)

• 11x60 inches, 27x152 cm
• 100% Silk Chiffon
• Handmade in Hawaii, USA
• Gift Boxed

I hand painted this pretty sheer silk scarf with much care and devotion. My lovingly handmade painted scarves are not mass produced products, If the scarf has a slight imperfection, please remember to enjoy an artist's hand.