Chiffon Kimono Shawl, Heavenly Birds

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This sheer silk chiffon shawl has a hand painted design of colorful mystical birds of Japan. Ho-oh, is the heavenly bird and is considered the symbol of good fortune and empowerment. I made the birds softer in appearance, still magical and pretty flying among the pale peony flowers. 

This silk scarf is large enough for a silk wrap or silk shawl, or can be worn as a feather-light scarf.

• The hand painted silk scarf is hand painted in limited edition. Each scarf is subtly unique. The photograph represents the overall piece.

• 1-3 business days for preparing your scarf for shipment

  • 100% silk chiffon
  • Hand painted in the US
  • Gift options available
  • Most US cities will receive the order in 4-10 business days


• Length: Approx. 228 cm / 90 inches

• Width: Approx.  55 cm / 22 inches