Mala Bead Necklaces

mala bead necklace handcrafted in Hawaii, using real gold beads and pure silk tassels

Silk Takuyo Mala Prayer Necklaces are created one at time on the Island of Kauai. Each Mala bead necklace is a unique wearable art created and is blessed by Takuyo (a Reiki Practitioner).

Each Silk Takuyo Mala is completed with pure 100% silk tassel. Prior to shipping, each mala will be cleansed by the tropical Moonlight of Kauai. 

As an artist, I handcrafted this one of a kind Mala necklace with Aloha and Love. Every part of this necklace has a special meaning and purpose to me. It is with these intentions, I offer this creation.

16 products

16 products